Optimize your social marketing channels by using AppSpin tracking links!

Bad idea:

<a href="itunes.apple.com/us/app…">
<a href="play.google.com/store/apps…">

Fantastic idea:

<a href="appsp.in/4KkI5">
Smart-redirection means one link for every platform!

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Premium Features

SMS Rate: 28%
QR Scan Rate: 15%
View Rate: 87%
Click Rate: 41%


Branded Tracking Links Performance Benchmarking
When you link to the app markets directly, you're missing out on useful data about how your app is growing. Don't lose valuable insights such as top referers, device breakdown, and desktop-to-mobile conversions. Take advantage of rich functionality including custom affiliate tracking, platform-agnostic linking, and social campaign optimization.

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